stuck in my stomach like a fart

Lili Ullrich (performance)
Elissa Lacoste (body design)
Marica de Michele (video)
'stuck in my stomach like a fart' is a poetic discourse into the creation of female sexuality within a patriarchal society touching upon sexual taboos, rape culture and gender inequality. While Lili Ullrich is literally eating herself - a body transformation design created by Elissa Lacoste - the audience explores the world of the abject through her poetry and visceral performance.
'stuck in my stomach like a fart' aims to give an insight into the psychotic state which the patriarchic society creates within the minds of the non-dominant. Split between desire and taboo, the female subject is caught in a net of paradoxes. Lacoste translates the psychological impact in her body design, which reminds of woundsand rashes. The result of a binary hierarchical system is a sexuality which cannot be lived; thus becoming part of the abject.
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password: fart